Friday, November 2, 2012

Create Every Day - Day 2

Finally got the initial drawing finished for my mosaic table . . . . it took several rough drafts.  In fact, I did so many drafts and erased so often, that in order to see my final draft, I had to put it down in permanent marker  . . . Thank goodness for Sharpie. 

Next comes cutting and placing tile.  I haven't decided if I want to go with large 1"x1" tiles or if I should cut those down a bit.  Since I am undecided, I have not committed to anything by gluing tiles down.  Tomorrow is my Mosaic class, so I will definitely need to go one way or the other quickly. 

The second half of my day was spent organizing my craft and art supplies - no small chore.  My hubby, Gus, and I live in a very small apartment.  Unfortunately, at this time, I do not have a studio and have to find storage space catch as catch can.  The dining room table serves as my work space - it will do for now. 

Thanksgiving Tag Nov. 2, 2012
My Thanksgiving Tag for November 2nd is focused on the beautiful blue and orange tiles that I have been working with.  I just love all the aquas, the deep sea blue, the light turquoise, the tangerine orange . . . . they look so happy and remind me of the beautiful ocean right outside our door.  I am Thankful for the time to explore my creativity. . . .

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Creative Every Day - Day 1

It has been more than a while since I have posted.  I have been sporadically dabbling in my art, and even managed to snag first place in an art exhibition at la Compania de Tourismo in Old San Juan! 
However, honestly it has been hit and miss with me during the last year. 
In an effort to get the creative juices flowing again, I decided to participate in the "Creative Every Day" challenge.  Hopefully, this will at least get me back into the swing of things, instead of getting bogged down with the tasks of every day living. 
The challenge is to create something each day in the month of November.  This should prove to be interesting given that my husband and I will be traveling a bit in November, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve for the travel times. 
Most of my day today was spent running around Puerto Rico looking for tile for a mosaic piece I am working on.  As usual, it isn't like in the Main Land where you simply walk into a store, pick out the tile you like, pay for it and take it home.  Nope!  Here you must go to one store (the showroom), pick out the tile you like, pay for it, drive clear across the island to the storage house, and pick up your tile yourself once it gets there. 
I managed to get home with enough time to create my first piece of art for November.  First, I took an old glass bottle and filled it with white Christmas lights I had left over from last year.  Then, I stuck a few twisted branches into the glass year. . . . viola: A "Thanksgiving Tree". 
Thanksgiving Tree

The idea is, that each day I will create a new tag showing something small that I have encountered in my day that has made me smile or lifted my heart for which I am Thankful for. 
After making the tree I took Gus (the boxer) out for his afternoon walk, and on our way home, I discovered the cutest little daisy like wild flowers popping up through the sand.  I couldn't resist - I had to smile, and so my first Thankful Card idea took hold. 

November 1, 2012 Thankful Tag


I am excited and looking forward to coming up with more art, journal entries, and creative ideas in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned for more . . . .

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Under the Weather

I have been feeling a little yucky - some kind of stomach bug is going around, and it decided to take up residence in my tummy.  But, the good news is that I am on the mend and feeling better each day. 

During my sick leave, I have been productive.....and I am happy to announce, I finally finished my website!  At first I thought I would just create a website via one of the many sites available as a complete package.  But, then I read an article that said, I could do all of the work myself.  "How hard can this be", I thought to myself.  In one word "HARD".  One thing I did learn about myself, is that I am not by any stretch of the imagination a "techie".  I have spent the last 2 weeks working, sweating, figuring out, and reworking my site.  Finally, last night, it all fell together (or maybe that is I banged it together.)  The sweet taste of success. 

For all intents and purposes, it is a really simple site - not fancy, but it is a wonderful site for me.  Like a child, and I hope it grows and expands and brings me much pleasure. 

Take a look at the site, I would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions.  Hopefully, with this task behind me, I can get back to my passion and paint.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

San Sebastian Street Festival . . . .

Had a wonderful time on Saturday at the San Sebastian Street Festival.  My new self challenge is to be more faithful to my Artist Journal.  The goal, to capture the "highlights" of my ordinary life in a weekly Journal entry.  This week was easy, because the highlight definitely was the Festival. 

So much beautiful art to look at.  At this time in my life, I am not a big party person, and the crowds can get a bit, I avoid the festival at night, and make my rounds to the artisans during the morning and afternoon.

Started the day off with a fantastic breakfast of a lox bagel at Fefos Deli and Tapas.  Unfortunately, I think Cafecultura is under new management, and the service there has absolutely gone from not so great to horrendously bad.  After waiting an hour, and asking for a waiter to please take my order - not once, but twice only to be ignored, it was time to leave what use to be my favorite restaurant in Old San Juan. 

The one hour wait, gave me plenty of time to get my first sketch into my journal - a lovely wire basket filled with white and purple onions.  Fortunately, I did find a new place Fefo's and the service was much better and the food very good.  However, I must admit, I like the "ambiance" in Cafecultura better . . . but, you can't eat ambiance. 

After breakfast, it was off to check out the artisans.  It was 10:30, and the booths are supposed to be open at 10:00, but one must remember here in Puerto Rico you are on island time.  About 3/4th of the stalls were open - and the art was fantastic.

Because I never go to the festival at night, I usually don't get to see the dancers, who dress up in costumes (think large doll heads) and dance in the streets.  Lady luck was with me this year, and the second sketch to go in the journal was one of the street entertainers. 

I did buy an original painting of a catfish, that just captured my heart - it is a 2" X 3" and I snagged it for 10.00.  After looking at paintings, carvings, pottery etc for three hours, it was time to get my favorite street food a Bacalaito - a fried fish fritter - along with a pina frappe (think smoothie).  The air was absolutely rich with the smell of food, and the colorful fruits captured my attention and resulted in the third sketch - a pineapples sitting on top of Pineapple Juice cans. 

My last quest was to search out the best coffee in Puerto Rico - Cafe de Puta Madre (not a very nice name, but fantastic coffee).  They had the beans in burlap sacks and so I grabbed a cup of hot java and not only sketched my paper cup of coffee but also the sacks of coffee. 

To tie it all together, I decided to also sketch in the the street signs for Calle San Sebastian. 

It was a fantastic day, filled with the things I love best - Art, Good Friends, Delicious Food, and Great Coffee.  Best of all I captured the day in my Artist Journal. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Sketch!Paint!Doodle!" Challenge

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to stay creative.  In the past, I have painted or created in spurts.....sometimes, putting down the pencils and paint brushes for a week, and then discovering that I had to reacquaint myself with them all over again. 

The problem is, that many times, I just don't feel inspired.....not sure what to paint, or draw.  Okay, so I have the answer - join a challenge.  The Sketch, Paint, Doodle challenge is a fantastic way to motivate yourself to stay creative.  Last week the challenge was to paint a tree (see previous post), this week's challenge is up and I am excited to begin my new painting.  Every level of artist can participate, and there is no pressure.  If you have a busy week and just can't get to the drawing table, no problem.  I hope that some of you, will join up....I love seeing every one's work. 

Wondering what these weeks challenge is . . . . then go check out the site - just click on the link.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nuts for Coconuts

So . . . we didn't end up traveling around Puerto Rico.  First, it was rainy, and traveling around Puerto Rico in the best of weather conditions is not so fun, much less in the rain.  Instead, I spent the day painting.  The Sketch, Doodle, Draw challenge for the week was to draw/paint a tree.  I love trees too - there shape and all the ranges of greens.  However, living on the beach, gives a limited selection of which trees I am going to paint. 

I ended up painting a Palm Tree - duh....but, with a little different perspective. Several issues came up in painting this.  After the fact, I wish I had painted in the background sky prior to starting the tree.  Also, I think there could be more of the foliage showing and a bit more depth and variation on the coconuts.  Also, the coconuts in towards the right hand front of the painting are too large and are throwing the entire perspective off. 

I will consider this in the preliminary stages and am planning on reworking this on a larger piece of watercolor paper making the changes I have noted.  Comments are always welcomed. 

Nuts for Coconuts (Watercolor)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fresh Start

Today, my creative energy was used to clean out and clean up my work space.  This happened as a result of looking for an hour for a palette, that I knew was somewhere in the immediate area.  Finally, in frustration, I decided that this is enough....I gave up the search for the missing palette and started sorting through, organizing and throwing out old supplies.  Not such a fun way to spend an afternoon, but hoping it will lend itself to more productive hours spent creating instead of searching!  Still haven't found the misplaced palette.....
Gus my 10 yr. old boxer "watercolor"

Tomorrow, I am off traversing the enchanting island of Puerto Rico.  Hoping to get lots of reference materials, and of course I am taking my art journal along.  Originally, I was going to make this a week long excursion, but having pity on "Gus" my boxer, and not wanting to put him in the kennel, I have opted for a couple day trips instead.  Tomorrow the itinerary is to  drive to Ponce, which is located on the southern end of the island.  Hoping for good weather and light traffic (a big, big hope for light traffic). 

Now, tired and worn out from my cleaning, it is time for a shower and some down time.  I am very much looking forward to my trip, and will be blogging upon my return.